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Kitchen ($25)Kitchen ($45)Kitchen ($60)Laundry (Clothes, towels)
($15 per load)
Bedrooms ($25 Each)Bedrooms ($25 Each)Bedrooms ($35 Each)Laundry (blankets, curtains, rugs, pillows etc.)
($15 per load)
Bathrooms ($25 Each)Bathrooms ($35 Each)Bathrooms ($35 Each)Spot clean and deodorize carpet
Living Room ($25)Living Room ($25)Living Room ($35)De – clutter books, paper, magazines ($25)
Lounge/officeLounge/officeLounge/officePressure wash exterior ($250) (Not yet Available)
VacuumVacuumVacuumDeep Clean Specific Appliances or furniture ($20)
Mopping MoppingMoppingDishes ($15)
Empty trash cans Empty trash cansEmpty trash cans
Sweep floorsSweep floorsSweep flooring
Sanitize touch points/ wipe mirrorsSanitize touch points/wipe mirrors Sanitize touch points/wipe mirrors
Dust AppliancesDust AppliancesDust Appliances
Window cleanWindow clean
Wipe baseboards and light switchesWipe baseboards and light switches
Clean kitchen appliances inside and outClean kitchen appliances inside and out
Deep clean tub and sinkDeep clean tub and sink
Deep clean toiletDeep clean toilet
Wall cleanWall clean
Clean furniture/upholsteryClean furniture/upholstery
Wash dishes
De – clutter shelving in laundry room
De – clutter bathroom cabinets
De – clutter pantry
Wipe down washer and dryer, Clean laundry area empty lint filter
Ceiling Clean
De – clutter books, etc

Save money with recurring deals!

Daily Cleaning Plan – save 20%

Tri-weekly Cleaning Plan – save 15%

Bi-weekly Cleaning Plan – save 10%

Weekly Cleaning Plan – save 5%

Monthly Cleaning Plan – save 3%